Why and what is it?

What is hidden?
What wants to reach the light?
What is it that you would like to give birth to?
What is it that holds you back?
What is your personal way to feeling happy & shiny?
What is your mission & purpose?
What are the patterns that are waiting that you let it go? To acknowledge it & integrating healthier ones?
Where are you holding in your system from this life, past lives, genetically based stories & traumas from your ancestors on a cellular level?
Do you want to know what a soul star chakra is?
What the earth star chakra is?
5D Heart? Soul fragmentation? Anger Hooks? Soulmate contracts? Ancestral Healing? Shadow patterns? Implants? Are you feeling blocked?
Have you got a deep sadness or grief in your system with no remembering? Bad luck with love relationships, friends or abundance blocks?
When an Akashic Record Reading can be a contribution to you?
You have no clue, why you are always manifesting & attracting experiences you don’t like or are painful? Is there something on your mind?
You’re not getting anywhere? You are trapped in patterns & feelings, and you have no idea from where are these patterns coming from? Likewise, you have a feeling there is more inside you?

In an Akashic Record Reading, we can find it out!

The Akashic Record is the energetic “log” of your soul’s journey, from the time your soul originated from source.

The Akashic Record holds the energetic imprint of your thoughts, feelings, memories, actions, traumas, experiences and deeds experienced through all lifetimes. Akash comes from the Sanskrit and the translation is space/ether/quantum.

We carry present life, past life and ancestral memories in our energetic & physical body systems. All our actions and those from our bloodlines influence each other. Internal & external experience can cause unexplained spiritual, emotional, mental and physical disturbances and problems. Self-Sabotage, Sickness, Stress, Fear, Worry, Doubt, Blame, Rejection, etc. Ongoing loops that prevent you to live your highest potential and Self love.

When we can reach & clear the core wound that have created shadow patterns and programs – we can reconnect ourselves to our highest potential of self-expression and your true soul frequency shines through. More Energy. Alignment with the higher Intelligence is naturally given.

An Akashic Record Reading can assist you in your soul healing journey, and it will help you to:

🌈Identify your soul’s core traits & origin that contribute to your human personality, soul archetype, etc.
🌈Better understanding your patterns of attachment with others,
🌈Explain troublesome or challenging circumstances,
🌈Recognize any blocks to achieving your goals and highest potential,
🌈Bring Consciousness into unconscious behaviors.
🌈Aligning with your highest timeline and activating your divine manifestations through embodiment.

What & how?

The Akashic Records Reading and a deep clearing & healing work with guided time for integration.
Aligning with your highest timeline and activating your divine manifestations through embodiment. Freedom from genetic, past & present life trauma programs.
Trust the divine flow of the Universe.
As you learn to surrender to the divine flow of the universe (you), you learn to meet and release those parts of yourself that don’t resonate with the Love frequency that exists in your highest timeline.

  • In my personal healing work, that was one of my tools to answer long life questions and let my final healing happen. It helped me massively to rest in my center now. Trust my soul on this journey called life. Understanding my purpose & mission. Healing my wounds.
    A healing Tool and Breakthrough that psychotherapy, yoga, bodywork and other techniques and therapies couldn’t reach. I say the missing piece of the puzzle to me.

  • Choose freedom & freedom chooses you.

  • How you shift?

    Ask me – I am happy to assist you to activate your divine true potential for your highest purpose.
    Let us dive deeper – let’s bring some light into the darkness to spread more light of you in this world!

How do you book an Akashic Reading and what is the exact Procedure?

  • You book a session and give me your name, birthday, place and time.
  • I do the reading
  • I will send you a voice message of the reading, you can listen to it until you are ready for the clearing & healing.
  • Then we will meet online to discuss open questions. I do the Remote Healing & Clearing.
  • After that, there are usually 3-4 weeks daily 10-15 min. Follow up work for you to do. It is deep.

For you it is 1h for the healing & clearing. For me it is around 5h all in all.

Exchange: 333 Euros

Send me a message, via mail [email protected]

Transfer money via Paypal or bank transfer (I can send you the options)

I am very excited to meet you to guide you into your own sacred magic.

Join the inside – move the insight!

Soul Self Guidance

What is my mission? This is the most common question in my healing work.
Missions can change. Many souls have many missions. Not every soul on earth has a mission. Mission is a free choice. We choose these missions as a part of our Soul journey. It is not given to us. Part of the FREE WILL Game.

It isn’t defined by the human job that we do, it is the soul role we pay in the circus of life.
Soul mission and soul purpose are not seperated from each other.

Soul Purpose – what the soul came here to BE – who you have come here to be. Expression.
Human Purpose – what the human desires to DO.
Soul mission – what you have come here to do – ACTION.

The souls’ purpose is to learn to express its’ own divine light in the face of this density. Soul purpose – what the soul came here to receive/learn.

It took me a while to understand it. Thanks to my teacher @miarenner.inneralchemy for this important guidance.

Our greatest struggles are usually the lessons we are here to learn until we learn the
lesson, then we become masters of this lesson, and this becomes our mission and where we
shine our light. Where we are able to guide others.

You can learn about your SOUL SELF to understand your Life & choices better.
In an Akashic Records Reading we can find out your Soul Archetype, Soul Governing Chakra, If there is a Soul Mission and about your Starseed Ordination Group- If you have one.

If you just wanna have a Soul Self Guidance let me know!
We can design something! I create this offer for you because I know you want to know more about your gifts and missions that you can be a support and guidance to make wiser decisions for yourself.

„Know thyself“ – Ancient Greek Quote. Socrates

How do I book a Soul Self Guidane and what is the exact procedure?

  • You book the Guidance and give me your name, birthday, place and time.
  • I do the short reading
  • Then I send you a voice message with all the info.

Energy Exchange: 55 Euros

Feel free to send me a message, via mail[email protected]

Gladly transfer me the money via paypal or bank transfer (I can send you the options)

I am happy to give you more insight about yourself! Thanks for your trust!

Join the inside – move the insight!

What others say about the Akashic Reading Experience…..

  • Emma Nuata

    Healing & Mentorship

    My Akashic Reading was mind blowing. I could not believe how much I resonated with everything Ulli shared with me. Really deep and big parts of my life unravelled and freed from me! After the clearing was a big shift and continues to be so, months later. Incredibly insightful and formative for my onward spirital journey.

  • Gemma Kingsbury

    Waldorf Teacher & Kids Pioneer

    I know of quite a few people doing Akashic Readings but I was guided to Ulli and I understood why after. She really reads the records with such respect and with such an ethical authenticity. For me it was absolutely life changing to listen to her reading, it has made my path so much clearer and given me a real understanding of who I am, what I need, and where to go next. I found the clearing decrees afterwars hard yet so so powerful for healing and cleansing. She gives a depth of self knowledge that is very hard to find elsewhere, from soul origin and location to past lives and ancestral teachings…wow. I will be recommending this gift of self love to everyone I meet for the rest of my life! Thank you so much Ulli.

  • Stefanie Apuri


    The Akashic Reading with Ulli. Pieces of the puzzle are coming together I am getting closer to my soul, my True I, and I am experiencing myself in a completely new way. It feels free. The process of clearing and healing is profound and powerful. A peaceful feeling of well-being spreads within me. Thank you, Ulli, for your empathic guidance.

  • Anna

    Graphic Designer
    This woman touched my “5D” heart! (Which I was only allowed to discover through Ulli;)
    Every time I had the opportunity to participate in your “sessions” I learned something about myself and my “inner cosmos/hyperspace”. You lovingly show how to open the heart wide, wide, wide and create a relaxed, “safe space” for it. Your positive, mindful, intuitive way of sharing your knowledge and skills makes it so easy to open yourself to accept all your input with confidence. It took me a long time to find someone who could show me tools on my inner path to help me heal myself, you have exactly these tools for me. I love your honest, selfless, humorous way, which helps me to allow all that one can learn with you!
    With you I always have the feeling that you have one foot in the future instead of the past like many people.
    I can only heartily recommend everyone to join Ulli’s sessions, seminars, healings, etc…!




    Powerful and opening for renewal. Be able to breathe freely… The field is freer. In addition to my shamanic spirit guides, I have also perceived the guides of my higher self and they also come to help. THANK YOU – what a process and progress the Akashic Records Reading, Healing & Clearing was.

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